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I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted here. I guess that’s what having 2 little children does for you. Even though Hannah is worth it, I’ve unfortunately been neglecting my MythTV guide (better than neglecting my kids!). I also moved house, so now spend 2 hours a day sitting in traffic, but that’s another story.

The point is that I’ve finally brought my Ubuntu MythTV guide up-to-date for Intrepid. The main changes were in the Radio Times XMLTV section. As I now use the EIT, that info had got very out-of-date, but hopefully the scripts should be working again now.

The guide should have some new sections over the next few weeks because I’ve ordered a DVB-S2 FreeSat card. I’m planning on adding a second backend with a big disk to run this card. When I get it all working I’ll be sure to post instructions!

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  1. Do let us know when you do i am battling with that very question. I have upgraded to intrepid in the hope that that will solve some problems but not yet. The key issue seems to be that scanning finds no channels. Running Kaffeine it finds thousands and i am floundering in contradictory advice

  2. If you’re in the UK and trying to pick up Freesat, try the following:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install dvb-utils mplayer

    scan /usr/share/doc/dvb-utils/examples/scan/dvb-s/Astra-28.2E | tee channels.conf

    If the scan finds channels then these can be loaded into MythTV by running mythtv-setup and going into the channel scanner and setting the scan type to “load channels.conf”. Then give it the location of your channels.conf file – e.g. “/home/andrew/channels.conf”.

  3. Hi Garry

    My first post… great web site you have – keep up the hard work with it. You are a real help to every MythTV user out there!

    (FYI – I also have 2 children. Tiring, but worth it :-)

    Anyway, is the right place to ask about rescanning my channels? I have a Pundit like yourself with a Nova-TD-500 and guide through the EIT.

    The UK has been tweaking it’s Freeview channel list and I need to rescan both tuners. Do I do a “full” scan or hack the MySQL database.

    Last time I did a scan, it screwed up the numbering and I had to spend time going through the list of channels in MythWeb.

    I am sure you can help.

    Kind regards


  4. Hi Paul,

    Glad you found the stuff useful and I hope you’re getting the most out of your MythTV box. I’m sure that with 2 kids it will soon become full of Cbeebies like mine!

    As for your problem, check out the following thread – there’s a patch for the problem, but if you don’t have that version then there’s a neat script at the end for renumbering your channels after a scan:

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