MythTV 0.21 on Ubuntu

Well, MythTV 0.21 is out and has quite a lot of interesting new features. See the release notes for more details.

Of most interest to me are:

  • The ability to do multiple recording on the same DVB multiplex.
  • Storage groups, allowing recorded files to be stored in different places very easily. Great if you run out of disk space, which happens to us all!
  • Reduced mythfrontend memory consumption by upto 75% depending on theme and resolution.

If you run Ubuntu, I’d suggest waiting until next month when Hardy is released and doing an upgrade. Hardy comes with 0.21 and I’ve heard that it works fine. When it’s released (probably on April 24th) you’ll get a button in the “update manager” offering the upgrade. Just hit this and it will upgrade every element of your system to the latest version, including MythTV.

It should preserve all your recordings and settings. I’ve had no issues with this in the past, but it might be worth backing up your database first as a precaution:

mysqldump -u root mythconverg -c > mythconverg_020.dmp

5 thoughts on “MythTV 0.21 on Ubuntu”

  1. Hi Garry. Cheers for the excellent tutorial. I’m almost all but set up and wondered if you can help. I’ve got a Hauppage WinTV Nova-T PCI card (one ariel socket) and I can’t seem to pick up any signal from the local transmitter (uk-SuttonColdfield). I’ve scanned in MythTV setup, and tried Me TV with no luck. Also can’t get linuxtv-dvb-apps to install.
    Do you have any thoughts on what the problem could be?

  2. Hi Dom,

    Have you gone through the tutorial for testing the card? Here it is:

    You need dvb-utils and dvbstream, not linux-dvb-apps. I don’t know of a package of that name.

    Maybe it’s just a signal quality issue. The tzap utility will help you test that. Does the aerial connection work in a normal TV?

    Also, can you see the card if you do:

    grep -i dvb /var/log/messages


    dmesg | grep -i dvb

    Can MythTV see the card in the Capture Card screen of mythtv-setup?


  3. Hi Garry,

    Not sure if this is the best place to ask/comment, but I was wondering if you knew how to ‘fix’ the following issue?:

    In short, my son’s laptop has wired and wireless connectivity. When on wired, it works fine as a mythTV frontend. But on wireless, whenever we click on play to watch a recorded programme, no video ever appears.

    I looked in the backend logs and it says:
    2009-11-25 19:31:29.131 adding: my-laptop as a client (events: 0)
    2009-11-25 19:31:29.140 MainServer::HandleAnnounce FileTransfer
    2009-11-25 19:31:29.140 adding: my-laptop as a remote file transfer
    2009-11-25 19:31:29.249 MainServer::HandleAnnounce Playback

    Now, the DNS name ‘my-laptop’ refers to the WIRED IP address of the laptop, so this must be why it works on wired but not wireless.

    Do you know where the backend got the hostname ‘my-laptop’ from? And why didn’t it choose the wireless name ‘my-laptop-wireless’? (i.e. why not use the [wireless] IP address?)

    On the laptop the hostname returns my-laptop, and there can of course be only one name for that I guess.

    Any ideas how to get a mythtv frontend to work on a laptop that sometimes connects with a wired IP address and at other times connects with a different wireless IP address?

    Thanks in advance!

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