Parcelforce Snub Linux Users

I sold a PC on eBay then other week and when it came to shipping Parcelforce 48 seemed like a good deal. They would pick up a 9KG parcel from my house and deliver it, all for £14. So I jumped on their website and started to book a shipment. All went well until I hit the following page:

Parcelforce Error

Basically, everything was present and correct: scriping was enabled, Firefox was compatible, a PDF plugin was available… the only thing wrong was the OS – Linux wasn’t in their list of Microsoft operating systems.
Nor was OS X for that matter.

I guess the reason this shocked me so much was that this kind of thing has been pretty much confined to the past. Gone are the days where Linux users were seconds class citizens on the web. I guess that we have Firefox to thank for that, and the Windows users of Firefox specifically. This is probably the single most important factor in the recent rise of the Linux desktop and Ubuntu in particular. If there were more sites lounging in the Dark Ages like Parcelforce then I simply wouldn’t be able to use Linux half as much as I do.

Thanks, Parcelforce, for reminding me how crap things used to be.

10 thoughts on “Parcelforce Snub Linux Users”

  1. Hey Gary, thats simply not on these days! There is no excuse for them not
    making that work with Linux and OSX!
    I’ll make a point of not using Parcelforce, or should that be Parcelfarce, until
    they sort this out.

  2. Thanks Mike,

    I’m embarrassed to say that I fired up my wife’s Windows PC and booked the delivery using that! Next time, however, I’ll be looking elsewhere…

    Nice to hear from you again by the way.

  3. I didn’t try that. Maybe it would have worked.

    …but the point is that it shouldn’t be checking for stuff like that in the first place.

  4. I tried altering user agent, doesn’t work as they sniff for the adobe acrobat plugin which you don’t appear to have when using an UA switcher.

    I’m guessing they’re probably breaching accessiblity requirements under the DDA is they’re pulling this sort of crap on able-bodied users.

  5. I know it’s an old post but…
    You can book collection with ParcelForce under linux if you just trick them. It’s a dirty work-around but it does work and proves that their exclusion of Linux has got nothing to do with technical issues.
    What you have to do is install the firebug extension to firefox and then change the onClick action on the cancel button from doCancel() to doNext() on the first two screens, and then use the cancel button to go to the next screen.

  6. Yes, it does. Actually, after posting my previous post I decided to do something about it and filed a complaint against Parcel Force with the European Commission Competition DG (don’t ask me what the DG stands for) and received a reply today which says that they will add the information I have supplied to their ongoing case against Microsoft. In other words I think I have achieved nothing as this has nothing to do with Microsoft.

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