VM-Where’s My Network?

I’m a big fan of virtual machines and especially VMware running Ubuntu Linux. Open source and virtualisation just go so well together – as many machines as you need with no restrictions. I use them more and more – build servers for different architectures, test beds, web servers, etc.

Anyway, here’s a quick tip that I discovered while setting up a VM server on amd64. I installed VMware from Ubuntu’s feisty-commercial repository (as easy as ever) but none of the virtual machines I ran on the box would connect to the network. It turned out that by default VMware only “bridges” the main interface of the host machine, in this case eth0. However, the only active interface on this machine is a wireless card on ath0. To fix this issue, I just needed to configure ath0 as a bridged interface by running:

sudo /usr/bin/vmware-config-network.pl

…and followed the prompts to select “Add a bridged interface on /dev/vmnet2 from ath0″.

After that was done, I just needed to change the settings in the server console for each VM to use the /dev/vmnet2 device and the networking on the VMs sprang into life; they could get IP addresses using DHCP from my router.

Hope this tip helps someone out there because the problem had me foxed for a while!

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