MythTV Setup

The configuration of my new MythTV box went extremely smoothly. I just ran up MythTV Setup and added the 2 tuner cards and a Freeview EIT source and scanned for channels. They all appeared including the HD stuff. I set the playback settings to use VAAPI and it could immediately records and playback both SD and HD. Very impressive.

The only issue was that live TV didn’t work, but that turned out to be write permissions to my custom recording directory. Even sound over HDMI worked once I’d selected it from the audio setup menu. It even told me which HDMI output my TV was connected to on the settings screen.

I did have a few small niggles, though. The first was that the metadata and artwork for MythVideo was not working. This was sorted by an upgrade to the latest MythTV verson, 0.27.3. I’m quite surprised that Mythbuntu 14.04 ships with MythTV 0.27.0, which is a pretty old version. Anyway, at least the latest version is available to be installed easily from the Mythbuntu repos.

The second problem is a pretty bad one. If I change the TV input away from MythTV, or turn the TV off, when I go back to the MythTV input it has often lost the signal and I get a blank screen. I have searched and searched for a resolution to this to no avail. For now, I have implemented a horrible bodge which restarts X when I hit F12 on the keyboard. Not great, but the machine is so fast it only takes a coupe of seconds.

So, finally, my family can get back to using MythTV!