Mythbuntu Install

I finally had a spare couple of hours to do the Mythbuntu 14.04 install last night. I used a USB stick containing the ISO image, which booted first time.

Unfortunately, the installation crashed half way through, which turned out to be a known issue with selecting the VNC server option. Trying again without this option selected worked fine. This is a pretty major bug to allow through into the final release.

Upon first boot I discovered that my new machine is blindingly fast. It boots from the BIOS into mythfrontend in 13 seconds, which is pretty amazing.

The second issue I had was when I was prompted to install software updates. As it’s a new install I said yes and waited. Unfortunately, the screensaver kicked in half way through and corrupted the update window so I could not tell if the update had finished. I eventually realised it had got stuck and had to kill it. Again, a screensaver isn’t something you really want to be enabled by default on a MythTV distribution, especially if it doesn’t work well with running apps.

Other than that, the OS is installed and running fine. Next step is to install the TBS DVB-T2 card and get Myth configured. Then I need to try to recover all my data from the old system…