Is MythTV still relevant?

One question you may be asking yourself is whether MythTV is still relevant in the era of internet TV and cheap freeview HDD recorders.

It’s actually a very good question because it’s certainly less relevant than it used to be. I’ve been using Myth for 10 years and in the early days there was no substitute. It pre-dated Sky Plus, Amazon instant, Youtube, etc.

My family still use Myth a lot, but we also watch plenty of content streamed from the internet on our Smart TV. As my current MythTV system is broken, we’ve been getting by with that and BBC iPlayer for most of our viewing needs. That, along with a cheap HDD recorder would be enough for a lot of people.

For me, though, the MythTV server is the hub of the house, it doesn’t just record TV, it acts as NAS, it stores our photos, it hosts our entire music collection. It stores gigabytes of DVDs which I’ve ripped from my collection. No to mention way too many TV recordings which the kids want to keep forever.

It does all of this way better than any NAS or generic media server could ever hope to do, because its running Linux and I can set it up exactly how I want.

So, maybe MythTV itself isn’t as essential as it used to be, but as one component in a Linux based home hub, it still does a great job.