I’m back!

This started off as a general, personal blog and pretty much pre-dated the rise of social media. Over the years it turned into a blog about Linux and MythTV because this just seemed the best place to post that stuff. Because of the fact that my MythTV system has been so stable over the past few years, and I’ve had too much going on in my life to mess with it for the sake of it, not much has been going on here.

…until last week! My MythTV installation which I have been running for about 8 years finally gave up the ghost, so I’m going to be building a new one. I haven’t done this for a which so it should be fun. I’m also going to update my guide, of course. That thing is so hard to keep up-to-date without building a system every time a new release comes out. It will be good to get it current again.