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Sorry for the Inconvenience

I was just thinking that this site had been quiet. I hadn’t had a single comment for ages. I was just feeling lonely when I checked my apache error logs and saw that the comments table was corrupt! MySQL had spat its dummy out and was waiting for me to type “repair table wp_comments”. Why it couldn’t have done that itself I don’t know.

Anyway, if you tried to leave a comment and it got lost then I’m very sorry! Should be working again now.

Domain Name Enlightenment

Well, my domain renewal came up this week, so I wasted no time in transferring it away from Streamline. I was going to try Sackheads on the recommendation of Andy at Bitfolk, but I just wanted something slightly more… professional. So I went with his second choice, Gandi. I’m very impressed with their service and user interface. They seem dedicated to domain registration and their site is easy to use with advanced features at your fingertips. It’s a French site, so their correspondence is in French with an English translation at the bottom. That’s fine by me, unlike many English people I love the French. They have a great attitude to freedom and open source. Plus they make some great hot hatches. Va, va, voom!

Now Hosted on Ubuntu Server

I’ve now moved to my new dedicated Ubuntu server hosted by

The server also hosts and is a Xen virtual machine running Ubuntu Hardy 8.04. It’s got 480 MiB RAM a 30 GiB disk allocation split into two disks for redundancy.

I’m really pleased with bitfolk. Their service is exemplary and it makes a wonderful change from dealing with the sharks at